Please help me finish recording my 12 song children’s music CD about Plymouth Rock called, “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock”. Based on a book of the same name by Diane Finn its a story told by the rock itself. Just a buck will go a long way to help me finish this project. Your donation will help me pay musicians to record the music. The CD will be packaged and sold with the book.

This CD could change my life in 2020 and it will definitely teach children about America’s first rock, the Stepping Stone of our Forefathers, Plymouth Rock. To learn more visit

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Start Up Money

Musician Credit

Rock bands need startup cash for road expenses. There’s your everyday expenses like food, cigs, beer, etc and then there’s the unexpected expenses like a broken mic or guitar cable, blown speaker, amp tube failure. It sucks but shit happens dude and you’ve got to be ready to make an emergency purchase and startup money can do that for you.

Sometimes keeping the gig comes down to how good or bad your bass player’s credit is. That’s where we want to help!

If you plan to manage your own band the first thing you should do is find a way to lower your cost of doing business. Keeping your expenses down on the road means more money in your pocket after the big rock show. What you need to do, is clean up your credit and raise your credit scores. We have a really great company we work with, it’s The Credit People. They improve musician credit and raise their scores. They help about 6,000 people a month, and they make it really easy. You can watch the progress they make with your credit online, and they take care of everything. Then once your credit is in a good place, they can go ahead and get you approved for a loan!

Because your credit isn’t going to fix itself… your credit will keep affecting your life and possibly limit how many gigs you get until we have The Credit People take care of it for you. They do an amazing job. We highly recommend them — to all rock bands a-z.

On another note.

If you love vikings (the real Nordic type) you’ve got to check this out! Viking Stuff