About Us

Hi! My name is Candido Bretto and I’m the CEO of Rock-Bands.com. I’m also a bass player, and a children’s book author. My first book, published by Briley and Baxter Publications in 8/2021, is called The Falling Star Repairman, inspired by a local Marshfield, MA gentleman named Elmer. It’s a bedtime story that Maddy Moore beautifully illustrates. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart.com, Target.com, and other fine online bookstores.

Now, back to Rock-Bands.com. A long time ago, at Rock-Bands we learned that being on the correct list can profoundly impact a rock band’s career, opening up opportunities for exposure, touring, and record deals. Whether it’s a list of the hottest new bands, the best up-and-coming acts, or the most popular groups in a particular genre, being recognized on one of these lists can help a band gain recognition and increase its visibility. Our goal is to help those who love rock music discover rock bands and to help rock bands find new fans for their music.

Increased Exposure

Increased exposure is one of the most significant benefits of being on a Rock-Bands.com list. Many music industry professionals, fans, and media outlets pay close attention to these lists. By being listed, we can help a band get noticed by those who have the power to take their career to the next level. For example, music managers, talent agents, and record labels are often on the lookout for new bands to sign and represent, and being on a Rock-Bands.com list can help a band catch their attention.

Touring Opportunities

In addition to increased exposure, being on one of our lists can lead to more touring opportunities. Booking agents and festival organizers are always looking for the hottest new bands to add to their lineups. Being recognized on a list can make a band more attractive to these organizations. This, in turn, can lead to more shows, more fans, and more exposure for the band, which can help to build their reputation further and increase their popularity.

The Record Deal

Finally, being on our lists can help a band secure a record deal. Record labels are constantly searching for new talent to sign and help to break into the music industry, and being recognized on a list of top new bands can make a band more attractive to these organizations. A record deal can provide a band with the resources to produce high-quality recordings, distribute their music, and promote their brand to a broader audience.

In conclusion, being listed on the Rock-Bands.com list can profoundly impact a rock band’s career, providing them with increased exposure, more touring opportunities, and a greater chance of securing a record deal. Whether a band is just starting or is looking to take their career to the next level, being recognized on one of these lists can help to propel them to success.