Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our visitors have been kind enough to give us advice on what to do to make Rock-Bands better. They’ve also had some questions. We are sharing them with you. Maybe you share the same thoughts.

  1. Why don’t you have links and info about each band?

We don’t believe in recreating the wheel. After all, you’re on the Internet.

  1. What if I want to learn something about a band but I don’t want to leave Rock-Bands?

That’s easy! If you’re using an iPhone just press and hold any band’s name. Drag the scroller to include the entire text, then click again. Copy, Look Up and Share will appear. Click “Look Up”.

  1. What if I’m on an Android or a desktop?

Please consult your owner’s manual on a similar process.

  1. Why do some bands have links and others don’t?

On occasion we’ve been asked to place a link to a band’s website or product.

  1. How do I get my band added to a list?

Our list is made up of artists who have released one or more albums, an EP, or a single available on a streaming platform.

  1. Is it okay for me to copy one or more of your lists?

People are big these days on making playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play, Napster, and such. We know we’re helping build those playlists. So go ahead. We’re doing our part to keep rock alive!

  1. Why don’t you have images of the bands?

We love our bands and choose to display their pictures on our walls at our homes instead. Honestly, in some areas of the world, the Internet is not so fast and people have limited amounts of data available. We want to make sure Rock-Bands loads up quickly and doesn’t use much data.

  1. What does Rock-Bands have in store for the future?

We’d love to do podcasts and interviews with some of rock’s legendary musicians, producers, engineers (and groupies) hee, hee!

  1. What if I want to advertise on your website?

The best way to do that is through Google Adwords. Normally we don’t advertise products directly on our website.

  1. I like Rock-Bands! Do you guys own any other music-related websites?

Actually, we do., our sister site is dedicated to the weekend warrior musician! 

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to answer it if we can. Just email us at